Why Choose Arborite Tree & Landscape?

50 years of exceptional tree care in Lakewood, CA

Just like any other feature of your home, your trees need regular maintenance to stay healthy for their lifetime. It can be hard to tell what your trees need in every season. Luckily, you can rely on Arborite Tree & Landscape to provide top-notch tree care services. Our second-generation business has been around for 50 years, and the current owner has over 30 years of industry experience. Call today to schedule your tree services with Lakewood, CA’s tree experts.

Rely on a certified arborist for a variety of tree services

A certified arborist is particularly knowledgeable about how to care for different species of trees and knows how to properly maintain them so they thrive year-round. You can call us when you need a range of tree services, including:

Hiring a certified arborist is an investment in your property. From tree trimming to ornamental pruning, your Lakewood, CA trees will look gorgeous in every season.

Keep your Lakewood, CA lawn in tip-top shape

Giving your trees a little TLC is a great way increase your home’s value and maintain its curb appeal. You want to not only prune and trim your trees properly, but also remove dead or diseased trees to protect the healthy trees in your yard. Call now to schedule your tree services with an experienced and knowledgeable crew.

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